(File pix) Petunia is one of the most popular flowers and best plant for hanging the basket.

IF you lack garden space or can’t seem to grow anything in the ground, go for hanging planters.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not naturally green-fingered, as hanging planters are a great way to start gardening. And, if you begin to like the idea of hanging planters and find them easy to maintain, raising the number of planters is an easy task.

Plants such as ferns, petunias, begonias, fuchsias, million bells and ivy leaf look attractive in hanging pots, but you could also go for small cacti or succulents, too.

Petunias are a popular flower and are considered the best plant for hanging from a planter. It covers the hanging planter quickly and blooms profusely. There are many varieties of petunias and they come in purple, too.

You can plant them in ceramic pots, baskets or recycled plastic, and use ropes to hang them. You can make them yourself to save on cost, or buy them ready made from a nursery.

While there are many types of planters, the rules of container gardening still apply. Make sure to use nutrient-rich soil and ensure there is proper drainage.

Hanging planters are also great for the garden.

When hung from beams, under trees, the corners of porches or high shelves, they look more beautiful in groups.

Make sure that they get sunlight and can be watered easily. They must also be within reach, so you can pull out the weeds and add fertiliser.

Choose hanging plants that make sense for your climate and for the spot where you plan to leave them.

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