MOSQUITOES are annoying as their itchy and irritating bites can ruin a barbecue or your precious time in the garden.

The diseases they can transmit include malaria, dengue and yellow fever, among others.

So how do you get rid of this tiny blood-suckers?

Most insect-repelling plants can keep them away with their natural fragrances and wonderful scents in your garden. Few tips:


One of the most liked is lavender, which produces a lovely fragrance that comes from the plant’s essential oils. It is said that lavender oil hinders a mosquito’s ability to smell and this could be what keeps them away.

2) Marigolds

This easy to grow flowering plant emits a kind of smell that prevents mosquitoes from having a good time in your garden. You can grow them in pots or on the ground, as they will keep the bugs away. Place potted marigolds near the entrances to your home, as well as common mosquito entry points like open windows, to deter the insects from going past the barrier.

3) Citronella grass

Citronella grass is one of the most effective natural ways to repel and fight not only mosquitoes, but also other insects and pests. The grass is widely used in making natural and chemical insect repellent products. Besides getting rid of mosquitoes, Citronella grass looks great in any garden. They grow five to six feet and look best when planted in the ground.

4) Catnip

Catnip is a type of plant that comes from the mint family. They are amazing mosquito repellents. Researchers in the United States believe that an essential oil found in Catnip, which presents its characteristic odour, is more effective at repelling mosquitoes and other pests than Deet, the chemical used in most commercial insect repellants. Some say the odour is actually an irritant for them but your feline friends will appreciate it.

5) Rosemary

Rosemary is a herb and another great mosquito repellant. Their woody scent is what drives mosquitoes away. You can keep the plant indoor preferably near an open window or at the entrance to your home.

6) Basil

Basil is another herb that can also double as a pest repellent. As one of the most pungent of herbs, Basil makes an impressive natural mosquito repellent. If you have children out to play, rub a handful of crushed basil leaves on their skin. Lime Basil (Ocimum americanum) and Holy Basil (Ocimum sanctum) work best. They work well to keep stinging bugs away, while it produces a pleasant aroma.

7) Scented Geraniums

Scented geraniums is a growing popular mosquito repelling plant that also keep flies at bay. They are not just beautiful blooms, but they produce a strong fragrance that makes it pleasant to spend some time in the garden. Their flowers give off a lemon-like scent.

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