Bank Muamalat’s head of consumer banking division, Awang@Musran Tawil says home values will increase in the future. NST pix by SADDAM YUSOFF

ALOR STAR: The New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd’s (NSTP) MyRumah Property Showcase can educate the public on property investment.

Bank Muamalat’s head of consumer banking division Awang @ Musran Tawil said information given by property experts could be used by the public to make
the right decision in buying a house.

He said the bank had joined the showcase for the fifth time since it started last year and he found the information was valuable to visitors.

“Some people think that buying a RM90,000 house is more complicated than buying a RM90,000 car.

“They need to understand that buying a property is better as house value will increase in the future,” he said at the showcase here yesterday.

Alor Star is the third leg of the showcase this year after Balai Berita Bangsar in March and Johor Baru in May.

A doctor at Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital, Dr Teoh Yuen Mey, 36, said she had learnt at the showcase that she could buy a house under the 1Malaysia Civil Servants Housing Project (PP1AM) as a second home.

“I assumed that PP1AM was only for the first-time buyer, but the exhibitors told me that I could buy a PP1AM house as a second home,” she said.

Dr Teoh, who lives with her parents, said she hoped to buy a house near the hospital as the area was suitable to raise her child.

She said the showcase was informative as she could also get explanations from experts while checking out various exhibitions on home development.

Hilton Landmark Resources (real estate agent and negotiator) manager Dean Zaini said the showcase allowed property buyers to have a closer look at housing development in the state.

“For Kedah, we are offering discounted prices for houses under SPNB Aspirasi Sdn Bhd (Aspirasi) project in Simpang Empat,” he said.

Dean said people should visit the showcase to learn more about buying property in the state.

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