Wooden stools.
A unique shaped sofa that fits the patio or porch of a house.
A long picnic table.
Tables ready for use.
Wood panels ready to be manufactured.
Imported solid pine woods are used to make furniture.

UNWANTED wooden pallets and other materials like old steel oil drums can be turned into paraphernalia and become functional, especially for the outdoor living space.

There are companies in Malaysia like Earth Furniture which recycles unwanted materials to make furniture for business and home owners using the Do-It-Yourself business model.

Earth Furniture has clients from the food and beverage industry and retail and fashion, as well as home owners who buy wooden furniture from the company as they want a different kind of aesthetic look, that is unique yet simple for their furniture.

“We would usually use old pallets from warehouses to make outdoor furniture, like benches, picnic tables and swings.

“But we have clients who want new wooden pallets to be turned into kitchen cabinets, coffee tables, beds, benches, shoe racks or multipurpose racks,” Earth Furniture managing director and founder Abdul Rasyid Rahman told NST Property.

He said people may have a wrong perception about using unwanted materials to make furniture and doubts about their quality.

Rasyid, however, assured that Earth Furniture could make quality products out of such materials.

“It all depends on the finishing that I apply on the furniture, which will determine its longevity,” he said.

Rasyid uses a variety of solid woods like Pine, Tembusu, Meranti and Balau, some of which are imported from Brazil, South Korea and Sweden.

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