It has been four years since RoS warned DAP.File pix by ASYRAF HAMZAH.

I DON’T support any political parties. I consider myself neutral on the goings-on in the local politics scenario. But, I have to respond to what Penang Deputy Chief Minister II P. Ramasamy said when he stated that DAP was not afraid to hold elections.

For the record, the Registry of Societies (RoS) has not recognised DAP’s central executive committee (CEC) members who were elected in 2012 because of complaints from the party’s own members about irregularities.

RoS had subsequently asked DAP to hold a new election free of controversy and fair to all its members. For all the years of accusing its political enemies of mismanagement, no transparency or integrity, this is truly the moment of truth for DAP.

If the election in 2012 was not proper, surely the one held in 2013 cannot be deemed proper. It is simple, for the only party that carries the word “democracy” in its name to prove to all in the country, even abroad, that it carries a certain value and meaning.

I don’t get why Ramasamy has to rope in Umno and Pas in his defence of this issue and his party after being criticised. To belittle the Umno deputy president for warning DAP and rejecting an opinion from a Pas official, that, in itself, is counterproductive because it is empty rhetoric.

(Blogger) Raja Petra Kamaruddin’s take on this issue is straightforward and, maybe, this is the crux of the matter: “RoS just wants DAP to comply: meaning DAP must hold a second party re-election. There is no need for DAP to meet RoS because nothing can be resolved that way, and RoS cannot meet them any- way”.

So, the ball is now at DAP’s feet. If DAP does not comply with what RoS has asked them to do, then the CEC is not legal and the decisions it makes are also not legal.

“And, this would mean the office bearers appointed by the CEC are also not legal and the party’s secretary-general will have no authority, such as to sign the surat watikah for the party candidates in the coming general election, which the Election Commission has already clarified”.

Worse still, it has been four years since RoS warned DAP.

This means DAP is just giving excuses for not complying. Where is DAP’s CAT (competency, accountability, transparency) principle in all this? Also, Ramasamy can accuse that non-Malay parties in Barisan Nasional plus Umno will be glad of the RoS issue haunting DAP which might help them regain some ground among voters in the next election.

But, is it their fault that DAP is in this predicament? Are they responsible for counting the CEC votes?

A. H. AZMAN, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

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