Images shared on social media allegedly showing the exco driving his wife to work.

MELAKA: It's barely a week since a Melaka exco berated residents at a local housing development over a road closure. And now, another controversy has emerged.

This time it is believed that an assemblyman from Pakatan Harapan who is also an exco is using the state's official car to send his wife to work.

Opposition leader Datuk Seri Idris Haron said the move by the elected representative was unwise as it puts his integrity as a leader into question.

"His integrity is now doubtful as he does not hold on to his word

. He sounds holier than thou but in fact the elected representative is not thinking on the repercussions of his action.

Idris who was former Melaka Menteri Besar said all state assemblymen or excos must adopt nothing short but the highest integrity and trustworthiness.

"They have to behave all the time as they are being observed by the people," said Idris.

It is understood that the exco's wife even drove the car to work.

State exco for Agriculture, Entrepreneur Development and Agro-Based Industry Norhizam Hassan Baktee was embroiled in a shouting match with villagers of Kampung Pulau Nibong on Tuesday.

The incident has gone viral in social media recently with many Netizens criticising him for being unprofessional in dealing with the people's problems.

The clip has garnered over 4,000 comments on Berita Harian's Facebook page, with more than 17,000 views on Youtube.

Norhizam, who is also DAP’s Pengkalan Batu State assemblyman however had apologised on Friday.

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