Two men suffered injuries when they were attacked in a road rage incident at Kuchai Lama, Kuala Lumpur. (Screen capture taken from social media video)

KUALA LUMPUR: Two men suffered injuries when they were attacked in a road rage incident here recently.

Following the brawl, which was triggered by a hit-and-run incident, Facebook user Jimmy Soo turned to social media to search for a group of men who were responsible for attacking him and his brother.

In his post, Jimmy said that the incident occurred in front of a shoplot at Kuchai Avenue in Kuchai Lama here on Feb 10.

According to him, a Proton Saga BLM made a U-turn and hit the front end of his car. The car did not stop and went on its way, even after Jimmy honked twice.

"Right at that moment, my brother came out from one of the shops and we decided to chase down the car with the intention of reasoning with the driver," he wrote in the Facebook post.

Things took a violent turn when both cars stopped at a junction as the traffic light turned red.

In footage obtained from a dashboard camera shared by Jimmy, a passenger from the suspect's car can be seen alighting from the Proton Saga. The man goes to the driver's side of the car and retrieves something that appears to be a pocketknife.

Jimmy's brother had alighted from their car to inspect it for damages, and in a matter of seconds, the passenger who exited the Proton Saga can be seen shoving Jimmy's brother, before both of them go beyond the camera’s frame.

Another man, dressed in a white shirt, emerges from the Proton Saga at the same time, and approached the two. There was also a third man, dressed in a dark blue shirt, who alighted from the Proton Saga to observe the commotion.

"The rest of the people in that car came down right after, but didn't do anything to stop the attacker and I, too, rushed out in (an) attempt to stop the attack but to no avail," Jimmy explained.

It is learnt that the first man had stabbed Jimmy's brother in his inner thigh.

"My brother fell to the side of the road and (he was) stabbed by the attacker.

"I was not spared either. The attacker came around and (delivered) punches to my face. While I attempted to reason with them, he smashed my spectacles and caused facial injuries," he said.

Following the incident, Jimmy's brother required four stitches at hospital.

Meanwhile, another video of the incident has also surfaced on social media.

It is believed that the video was filmed on a smartphone by a passer-by who was right behind the two vehicles when the incident happened.

In the video, the same man, who was seen holding what appears to be a pocketknife in Jimmy's video, can be seen throwing punches at another man before kicking the victim when he fell to the ground.

Jimmy lodged a police report on the incident on the same day.

In his Facebook post, Jimmy urged members of the public to be on the lookout for the men in the video. He also appealed to those with information on the incident to come forward. – SAYS.COM

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