GEORGE TOWN: A 5-year-old boy fell from a fifth-storey flat in Relau here on Friday afternoon.

The child survived the fall, but is believed to be in serious condition, with severe head wounds.

The incident reportedly occurred at about 1.30pm, when the boy is thought to have been playing in his apartment on his toy bicycle, which was seen dangling from the window of the flat after he fell.

Police were immediately dispatched to the site following an emergency call, but the boy had already been rushed to the Penang Hospital.

Authorities are currently in touch with the hospital for updates on the child’s status.

When contacted, Northeast district deputy police chief Supt Izwan Abd Karim confirmed the incident.

He said victim N. Keshvin sustained a crack on the right side of his skull, broken ribs and internal bleeding in the stomach.

Izwan said Keshvin’s mother, identified only as Dini, had left the boy sleeping at home to pick up his sibling from a kindergarten in Sungai Ara.

“The mother told us that her son was a hyperactive child. It is believed that he was trying to get his bicycle, which was hanging from a clothes line. The boy then climbed through the window and plunged to the ground.

Izwan said Dini had admitted negligence on her part.

A witness, Nepalese security guard who is only known as Prasad, 24, said the boy was foaming in the mouth and blood was oozing out from his ears.

“He was writhing in pain. I did not know that he had fall from his unit until an Indonesian cleaner told me about it. One of the onlookers then called the ambulance.”

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A 5-year-old boy fell from a fifth-storey flat in Relau here on Friday afternoon. (courtesy of NST reader)

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