The 3-year-old child tested negative for drugs says Kedah Criminal Investigation Department chief Senior Assistant Commissioner Mior Faridal Al Athrash Wahid.

ALOR STAR: The three-year-old boy, who featured in a viral video where he was purportedly forced to inhale syabu, has been discharged from the Sultan Abdul Halim Hospital (SAHH).

Kedah Criminal Investigation Department chief Senior Assistant Commissioner Mior Faridal Al Athrash Wahid said the boy has been discharged after test results for drugs came back negative.

Mior Faridal added that doctors also confirmed that there was also no sign that the boy was physically abused.

“The boy will be handed over to the Social Welfare Department pending the Deputy Public Prosecutor’s decision on the case,” he said in a statement today.

It was reported that the boy’s paternal grandmother had lodged a police report on Tuesday after a man sent the video recordings of the boy to the family.

Police have classified the case under the Child Act 2001.

In one of the videos, a 16-second clip, showed the boy sitting at the back of a car, holding the meth pipe. A stack of RM50 and RM10 notes is strewn on his lap.

His mother's boyfriend can be heard talking to the boy, asking the child in Tamil, “Are you already high?”

Following the police report made by the grandmother, the boy’s mother turned herself in at the Kuala Muda police headquarters, together with her son.

However, the woman denied that her son has been forced to take meth. She said the meth pipe which the boy was holding in the video, was empty.

It was reported that the woman, who is eight months pregnant have been living separately from her husband after she was caught in a drug bust with her boyfriend in February last year.

The boy has been living with his father before the mother came over to the house, asking to take the child back to her place for a while. She however failed to return him.

Last Friday, the woman’s 28-year-old boyfriend was arrested at SAHH when he turned up to see her as she was there accompanying the boy who had been hospitalised for further medical check-up.

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