KUALA LUMPUR: A distressing video clip of a mentally-challenged boy being bullied and assaulted at a Kluang playground has gone viral and sparked outrage among the public.

The boy was also robbed of his Samsung J2 mobile phone during the incident.

In the stomach-turning 30-second video footage – apparently shot using a mobile phone by one of the bullies – the boy is seen backed up against a swing and slide set in broad daylight, as he is taunted by a group of older boys.

The incident, which is believed to have taken place at a low cost housing area in Taman Sri Kluang, sees the bullies laughing and jeering at the boy, who is desperately trying to fend them off.

One bully, who appears on camera menacingly wielding a stick, is seen shoving the boy, before thrusting his palm into his throat, causing the boy to double over in pain.

The video ends with the boy backing further into the slide and holding his arms up, perhaps in a plea for mercy.

It is understood that although there were witnesses to the incident, no one came to the boy’s aid.

The clip was first uploaded to the Bandar Kluang Facebook group page. As of today, the video has been shared 6,820 times, with many netizens slamming the bullies for their cruelty.

Social media comments range from warnings that the bullies' actions will come back to them; to those vowing to give the bullies a beating should they ever come across them.

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(File pix) Viewer discretion is advised. This screengrab shows a mentally-challenged boy being bullied and assaulted at a Kluang playground. Pix from Bandar Kluang Community Facebook Page video

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