All natural and organic!

Organic and all-natural, Nuhaa Botanicals toners are drinkable too, writes Hanna Hussein

FOR those with acne-prone skin like mine, the key to clear, radiant skin is to limit the amount of chemicals we put on our skin. Natural skincare products are therefore better for you.

In my case, my pick is Nuhaa Botanicals.

You can use it as toner, mist and drink it!


My favourite product from this company is the toner which comes in two variants — Rose and the Orange Blossom.

Totally organic and all-natural with no added preservatives, the toners are drinkable! Serious, I’m not lying!

This multipurpose toner also acts as a face mist to hydrate the skin and tighten pores, which makes it a good travel companion.

The orange toner works best for oily and sensitive skin, while the rose toner is for all skin types.

It balances skin serum, getting rid of excessively dry skin or oily skin and making it soft and smooth.

Priced at RM39, the 30ml bottle is travel-friendly. For me, it’s most useful onboard a plane as the dry air irritates my skin.

Since it’s drinkable, I have no worry spritzing it on my lips when they are dry.

As a refreshing mist toner, it rejuvenates my tired skin, giving a natural glow so I look camera-ready every time!


Online entrepreneur Sharifah Dalila Syed Idrus, 35, started Nuhaa Botanicals after her second child suffered eczema.

She had trouble finding the best remedies, so she made her own concoction using essential oils.

She also made body wash, face oil and skin and body care products for her family.

As mentioned earlier, all her products are made of natural ingredients.

Dalila sources ingredients from reputable companies all over the world including an organic farm in Bosnia and a certified organic company in France.

Nuhaa Botanicals is online-based and the products are also available at a few outlets. For details, visit Instagram @nuhaabotanicals or order through Whatsapp at 019-301 2295.

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