Actress Nur Fathia Latiff. Pix by Rohanis Abdul Shukri

KUALA LUMPUR: It looks like actress Nur Fathia Latiff is in the news for the wrong reasons, yet again.

Yesterday she came under fire from netizens after making a comment about Malaysia becoming a cashless society by 2050.

Fathia, 30, responded to a news article about Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin saying that Malaysia would become a cashless society by 2050. She tweeted: "Are we going back to stone age and doing barter trade? You give me a television and I give you a bicycle?"

Several netizens slammed Fathia, and among others, they called her "brainless" and felt that she "got to be kidding". Some even remarked whether this was her way “to gain cheap publicity". The more polite amongst them said that she should "at least read and understand".

Meanwhile, actor and screenwriter Redza Minhat, however, advised Fathia not to damage her credibility and that of the profession by making illogical statements.

He added it was best not to say anything if one lacked knowledge on a subject.

Fathia subsequently tweeted that the article's headline was not clear, and cashless had a wide meaning.


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