Datuk Lee Chong Wei’s biopic entitled Rising of the Legend is set to begin filming in July this year. Bernama pix.

KUALA LUMPUR: Hwa Tai Industries Bhd group chief executive director Datuk Airique Soo Chung Yee is looking to raise local brand awareness through its sponsorship for badminton hero, Datuk Lee Chong Wei’s biopic.

The movie titled Rising of the Legend is set to begin filming in July this year. Hwa Tai is one of the major investors behind the RM6mil movie production.

In the past, Soo mentioned that Hwa Tai has sponsored other local movie productions such as Xiao Yong Chun (2011) and he found that such collaborations can help a company strengthen its status.

Although Hwa Tai is the ‘official biscuit’ for the movie, Soo said that none of the products will appear in the movie.

“In the Xiao Yong Chun, I didn’t agree with the movie ‘overselling’ the Hwa Tai products, but I wasn’t aware of the product being featured in the movie until they were done with filming.

“I made sure that they do not feature the products in this movie but instead, Hwa Tai will assist in promoting and marketing the movie in countries where Hwa Tai is present, such as other Southeast Asian countries,” he said.

The idea to film the biopic transpired three years ago when two close friends, film director Teng Bee and film producer Josiah Chieng were talking about re-enacting Lee’s life experiences through a movie.

“Many people who know Chong Wei today do not know what he went through before he made his break as a sportsman.

“We want to tell his story to the public, where it can be a motivation for those who can relate to Chong Wei’s life,” said Teng, adding that Chong Wei did not come from a well-to-do family and had to overcome many obstacles.

The movie will also focus on Lee’s relationship with his family and his love life as well.

Although it has not revealed who will be playing Lee yet, Teng only shared that the badminton legend would most likely make a special guest appearance. However, he stressed that at this juncture, nothing has been confirmed.

The movie is set to be released in the third quarter of the year.

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