Meticulously crafted piece with intricate details.
Gorgeous pieces for the wrists.

Pandora’s spring/summer 2017 collection continues to capture the attention of consumers because of its emotional connection.

IF you are not yet a “Pandorian”, you would probably be converted once you see Pandora’s spring/summer 2017 collection.

Shine or bloom into the best version of yourself or stand out and be bold in stunning floral bracelets, eye catching charms and meticulously crafted necklaces and rings that usher in the joy of spring.

Colour pop Signature enamel bracelets draw attention to the wrist while Radiant Droplet charms in deep red and blue make a stand-out statement.

For some flower power, opt for the Magnolia Bloom ring in lustrous shaded enamel which will gladly wrap itself around your finger.

Colour is a dominant feature in the collection.

A new jewellery series called Dazzling Daisies by Pandora also captures the exuberance of the season in hand-finished pieces with much attention to detail.

This new range blends contemporary style with timelessness, with new designs made from sterling silver.

Clear, cubic zircona stones – chosen for their provenance and low environmental impact — are individually set in bead setting, surrounded by small, polished metal beads to hold them in place.

These pieces are yet another example of how the brand continues to push the envelope where its designs are concerned to keep its legion of fans and a growing number of new Pandorians entranced.

Pandora, which opened its first store in Malaysia in 2010, today boasts 33 outlets across the country including a newly-opened one at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. The brand also has two stores located in neighbouring Brunei where it has a growing fan base.

It may be known for its beautiful jewellery but what sets the brand apart from other jewellers is the emotional connection that customers have to its pieces, says Kenneth Madsen, president of Asia Pacific for Pandora Jewellery Ltd.

“When people buy our jewellery, they usually do so to mark a special occasion or moment in their lives, whether they’re buying it for themselves or for someone else,” explains Madsen.

It therefore becomes a symbol of a special memory or moment. For this reason, women always hold on to their Pandora jewellery, he adds.

The brand’s famous charm bracelet and beautiful charms best capture this spirit.

Flower power for the woman who’s strong and blooming.

Most women buy or are gifted a Pandora charm to add to their bracelet to mark an important event in their lives, whether its graduation, marriage, the birth of a child or even that much-awaited promotion.

Pandora was born as a charm bracelet brand and this piece of jewellery continues to be its best-seller.

Madsen says the charm bracelet remains highly popular because its appeal crosses age and culture.

“Literally, anyone can wear a Pandora bracelet, whether it’s a fashion-forward young woman or a grandmother who cherishes it because each charm marks an important event in her family.”

Where the individual charms are concerned, the heart motif remains the most popular.

A silver heart, for example, which Pandora launched around eight years ago is still a bestseller.

But its rings are also drawing attention, says Madsen.

The brand has started to include more rings in its range recently, from small, dainty pieces to big statement rings.

Necklaces and earrings are also making a strong presence in the brand.

For spring/summer 2017, the inspiration comes from many sources but because it’s spring, colour is a dominant feature, explains Madsen.

“Colour remains a very important part of our inspiration and collections. For this season, we have some interesting metallic colours and lots of blue as well to remind us of the ocean as well as the fact that we are heading into summer.”

The charm bracelet remains the brand’s bestseller.

Staying relevant in the jewellery business means being able to continuously capture the attention of the consumer.

Given that Pandora jewellery designers come from all over the world, they are inspired by different cultures and trends.

This enables the brand to constantly produce highly desirable pieces and stay relevant to a growing customer base that stretches across the world.

Another winning point for the brand is the warm and welcoming atmosphere at its stores.

Madsen says very often, consumers get intimidated by high-end jewellery stores.

“Can I afford it? Am I right to be in here? These are all questions that run through a person’s mind. We try to break down those barriers and work with our staff to be very friendly and welcoming because we want everyone to walk into our stores and feel at ease.”

This is particularly important for male customers, he says, especially those looking to purchase a gift for a loved one.

Madsen says it’s not easy for every man to walk into a jewellery store and feel comfortable.

There are so many options laid out in front of him and he doesn’t want to go back home with the wrong piece.

It’s crucial therefore that store employees are able to put him at ease and help him in his selection.


PANDORA has launched a multi-faceted campaign to inspire women to be true to themselves and what they believe in.

The Pandora “Do” campaign encompasses dynamic activities across multiple platforms and features inspiring personalities such as Mame Adjei, female entrepreneur and America’s Next Top model contestant.

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