Black and white make your pictures stand out, Razz Rozzfaisal writes.

BLACK and white have always been my favourite genre in photography. Some scenes are just best captured in black and white. Basically, the “colours” in black and white are pure black, pure white and shades of grey.

If you lessen the shades of grey, it will be a high contrast black and white photo. If your shades of grey are dominant, you’ll have a low contrast black and white photo.

Since we are used to colour photography, capturing black and white photos can be quite confusing and at times disappointing to some, but if you know how to manipulate the situation, you’ll get awesome results.

Here are some tips, to help you shoot better black and white photos:

Sample picture taken with Huawei P10.

1. SHOOT IN RAW PLUS JPEG: Shoot in both file types with the picture style set to monochrome. This will allow you to play back the photo in black and white on your LCD screen.

Always remember that you are viewing the monochrome JPEG file on the LCD and you still have the RAW file in colour, inside your card. Later, if you prefer a colour version of your photo it can be post-process using the RAW file.

2. PATTERNS: They look good in black and white. They help create contrast in your photo.

3. LONG EXPOSURE: Shooting in this mode in black and white is a genre by itself in photography.

Some photographers have categorised it as part of fine art photography.

You need to understand the effects to your photo during long exposure. For example, waves will createcotton-like effect or moving clouds will become streak of lines. You need to use a filter for this, the most common is the Big Stopper, a 10-stop neutral density filter.

Sample picture taken with Huawei P10.

4. LIGHT AND SHADOW: In black and white photography, light and shadow can be used to your advantage by creating nice shapes and patterns.

While visiting the Humayun Tomb in Delhi India, I noticed a shadow cast on the floor inside the tomb. Under exposing your shot will darken the shadow and creates a silhouette.

Sample picture taken with Huawei P10.

5. MIDDAY SHOOTING: Harsh light can produce surprisingly nice high contrast black and white photos. This photo was shot in midday on Pantai Puteri, Malacca.

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