PREMIUM tyre manufacturer Continental Tires has launched the ContiConnect digital tyre monitoring platform to make commercial fleets, safer, more efficient and improve its up-time.

Additional receiver to receive and transmit the data to the yard reader station or to the driver via an in-cab display.

“At least 58 per cent of (commercial) fleet (vehicles’) tyres are under-inflated, which leads to occasional breakdowns and road accidents,” said its fleet solution specialist, Jason Low, during the tyre’s launching ceremony.

ContiConnect is a remote tyre monitoring system, which allows fleet managers to see tyre pressure and temperature information for its entire fleet in a web portal. Fleet managers can retrieve its data every time their trucks return to the fleet yard.

The sensors have a battery life of six years and transferable to the newer tyres. It is mounted on the inner liner of the tyres to prevent damage from kerbing and theft, will send data to an yard reader station, as soon as the trucks enter the fleet yard. The yard reader station transmits the data to the ContiConnect webportal via a cellular network.

Jason Low

In the webportal, the fleet manager has access to low pressure alerts, can track data over time, as well as have access to analytical information and reports for its fleet’s tyres which are equipped with sensors. It is also able to send customisable text and email notifications to the fleet manager, or maintenance supervisor, as well as other personnel for them to take further actions.

For fleet owners, who require real-time tyre data via a telematics solution, the ContiPressureCheck tyre pressure monitoring system offers real-time tyre pressure and temperature to the driver via an in-cab display. It also alerts the driver if issues are identified.

he tyre sensor is mounted on the inner liner of the tyres.

The tyre pressure monitoring system also offers data integration with telematics providers, allowing tyre information to be seen in the providers’ in-cab displays and back-end portals.

These systems help fleets owners to lower their costs and increase the up-time by saving maintenance time, protecting the tyres from long-term damage, reducing tyre-related breakdowns and tyre wear. Ultimately, it improves fuel efficiency and the safety of road users.

Tyre sensor.

Continental has since kicked off the pilot test of ContiConnect in Malaysia and Thailand, which has seen promising results and positive feedback from fleet operators, Malaysia is the first country to be chosen for a worldwide debut due to the successful pilot run.

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