Unsupervised buffaloes in a housing area in Ipoh. FILE PIC

RESIDENTS from several housing areas in Buntong and Falim in Ipoh are irked by unsupervised buffaloes in the vicinity.

The affected areas include Jalan Raja Perempuan Mazwin, Desa Rishah and Menglembu Industrial Park in Falim.

The residents claimed the buffalo owners were taking the easy way out by releasing the animals to roam since there was a lack of grazing field.

A resident, who wished to be known as Mala, said the animals wandered around her home compound and would defecate leaving behind a stink.

“No one dares chase them away,” said the 65-year-old housewife.

Another resident, Nirmalar Bakar, 57, said there was an accident involving a motorcycle and a buffalo recently.

“Fortunately, the rider was unhurt but his motorcycle was badly damaged,” she said, adding that the local authority should do something about this problem.


Ipoh City Council spokesman said the council had addressed the issue by advising livestock owners to supervise their animals.

“They have been told to register at the local council so that the Veterinary Services Department (VSD) can proceed with tagging their livestock.

“But many choose not to do so because once an accident happens, the authority can identify the owner and they have to pay the price,” he said.

Ipoh Mayor Datuk Zamri Man had recently said the respective farmers were warned to supervise their livestock or risk being fined or the animals seized and auctioned off.

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