People waiting for the shuttle bus at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kota Kinabalu. PIC BY MOHD ADAM ARININ

A BUS company that runs a shuttle bus service to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kota Kinabalu is urged to make good on its pledge to provide hourly service.

Many were made to wait long hours for its shuttle service between the hospital and the KK Sentral terminal, despite the company having promised hourly service when it was launched on Feb 2.

Farid, a hospital staff, said he knew of one instance when passengers had to wait for four hours.

“Once, it did not come at all. The bus company promised hourly service from 6am to 8pm and the inconsistency is unacceptable.”

He said there was high demand as the nearest bus station was 500m away and the fee was double the RM1 offered by the company, City Bus.

He also said the company had said that two buses would service the route.


City Bus managing director Datin Jahara Patimbangi said the company had one bus plying the route as it had yet to get approval to commission the second bus from the state Commercial Vehicles Licensing Board.

Jahara said the incident when service was disrupted was when the bus broke down.

“We couldn’t replace it with another bus because our other buses are bigger and cannot go through the narrow lane at the hospital lobby.”

Jahara said the company would improve its service soon.

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