The damaged road sign in Jalan Kampung Raja, Kampung Che Salamah, Besut. (PIC BY MOHD SYAFIQ RIDZUAN AMBAK)

BESUT: A major road sign in Jalan Kampung Raja, Kampung Che Salamah here, was damaged when a heavy vehicle rammed into it.

Pedestrians said the road sign must be repaired immediately as road users might lose their way, especially at night.

Marketing executive Samsiah Saifuddin, 43, who was travelling to Kota Baru to meet a client, said the poles supporting the road sign were tilted and the structure was bent.

“I had to drive closer to the sign to look at the words written on it. I did not want to take the wrong turn.”

She said the damaged road sign inconvenienced road users, especially those from outstation.


A Besut District Council spokesman said the council would send its personnel to check the road sign.

They will identify the authority that had jurisdiction over it and inform the party.

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