Rubbish strewn outside garbage containers at the Kadazan Dusun Cultural Association’s premises in Penampang, Sabah. NSTP pix by KRISTY INUSKRISTY INUS

THE residents of Penampang, Sabah, are calling on the local authorities to ensure timely collection of garbage at the Kada-zan Dusun Cultural Association’s (KDCA) premises.

A resident, who wanted to be known only as Jannie, said uncollected rubbish at the popular spot was not only an eyesore, but could also spread disease and contribute to odour pollution.

“District and town council personnel must ensure timely rubbish collection.

“Rubbish should be collected more frequently at public places, such as KDCA, as events are often held at these venues.

“The (KDCA) staff told me that rubbish was only collected twice a week.

“Sometimes, they have to call the Penampang District Council to collect the rubbish.”

KDCA is located in Jalan Sindaanan in the Kampung Koidupan area and houses the Hongkod Koisaan building.

It is the venue where the national-level Kaamatan or Harvest festival is held annually. It is also rented out for weddings and political party meetings.

A check at the location saw rubbish strewn outside large containers within the gated garbage area.



A Penampang District Council hotline spokesman said they had reacted on the same day when a complaint was received recently

Some of the rubbish was most likely left by outsiders. That could be the reason why there is always rubbish in the dumpster.

“But, we take note of any complaints about uncollected rubbish and will rectify the matter as soon as possible. That is our standard procedure.”

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