Unwanted furniture and household waste end up at the roadside of Persiaran Halaman Ampang, Ipoh. PIC BY MUHAIZAN YAHYA

UNWANTED furniture and household items are becoming a common fixture at Persiaran Halaman Ampang, Halaman Ampang Mewah in Ipoh.

A resident, Ana Aziz, said the road was a popular illegal dumpsite as not many vehicles passed by the area at night.

“Old sofas and mattresses can be seen on the roadside, as well as domestic rubbish.

“The city council staff do clean up the area, but the litterbugs just keep returning to the same spot.

“A ‘no-littering’ sign put up at the site has done little to deter irresponsible residents from discarding their rubbish here.

“Residents should stop throwing rubbish indiscriminately as this will attract crows and pests and pose a health risk to us all.

“The empty food containers are also a breeding ground for mosquitoes,” she said.


An Ipoh City Council spokesman said a team would be deployed to clear the area.

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