The garbage disposal site on Jalan Kuala Kangsar-Sungai Siput. PIC BY FARAH SUHAIDAH OTHMAN

THE garbage disposal site on Jalan Kuala Kangsar-Sungai Siput is causing much inconvenience to road users as some of the rubbish has overflowed onto the main road.

Motorist R. Subramaniam, 40, said the spillover of garbage not only posed health risks to residents but also a danger to road users especially motorcyclists.

“There is not enough lighting at night in the area which could lead to accidents, especially by those unfamiliar with the roads here.

“The site is also located near the Sungai Siput Hospital, which could leave a bad impression on visitors. We can also get the stench from 2km away whenever it rains,” he said.

Inon Meor Hussin, 58, said the unsightly view could be a dampener on the state’s efforts in its Visit Perak 2017 campaign.

“This will have an adverse effect on the state’s image. I hope the state authorities will consider a more isolated area for the disposal site.”


Lintang assemblyman Datuk Dzolkafly Harun said the contractor appointed by the Kuala Kangsar Municipal Council to operate the site was having difficulties in accessing the area.

“This is because the road is also being used as an alternative route for highway users to reach Sungai Siput. I was made to understand that the state government is addressing the lack of garbage disposal sites by building an incinerator, among others.

“In the meantime, we hope the municipal council can build a buffer zone or proper wall to prevent spillage of rubbish,” he said when met at the site recently.

Kuala Kangsar Municipal Council president Datuk Shahrom Abd Malik said a new access road would be built to enable the contractor to enter the site.

“Garbage compactors cannot access the centre due to the sinking road,” he added.

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