A video screengrab of an alleged mentally unsound man throwing stones at vehicles in Putatan. PIC COURTESY OF READER

MOTORISTS in Putatan are on high alert after an allegedly mentally unsound man was seen throwing stones at vehicles in the town.

Netizen Mohd Junied Hariffin, in his Facebook account, shared a video (https://www.facebook.com/mohd.junied?fref=mentions) of the man in the act last week.

It was not sure if any passers-by or motorists were injured or vehicles were damaged.

“He is endangering the lives of motorists and I hope the authorities take action. They should let him rest in a nursing home or a mental (health) institution,” Junied commented on his Facebook page.


Penampang police chief Deputy Superintendent Rosley Hobden said the Putatan police apprehended the man the day after the video surfaced.

“He was handed over to Hospital Mesra Bukit Padang, a mental health institution, for treatment.”

Rosley said this was the third time the man had been apprehended for the offence, adding that he had no family in Putatan.

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