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A RESIDENT has been charged more than RM5,000 for guard services from his residents’ association (RA) even though he is not a member of the association.

Chandran told Actionline that the RA of Taman Segar Perdana, Cheras, Selangor, had claimed that he owed it RM5,400 from 2011 to now, despite leaving the association in the same year.

He said invoices and statements of account were sent to him, which said legal action would be taken against him if he did not pay the RA.

“I received invoices and statements of account that claimed I owed the RA RM5,400 from 2011 to now.

“The RA claims that it has absolute power, via a resolution passed by the 2017 annual general meeting, to send invoices and to claim for guard services from residents, including non-members.”

Shocked at receiving the invoices, Chandran contacted the association’s chairman to resolve the matter.

Chandran said: “However, the chairman claims that he can’t do much as the decision
was made by the committee and he has refused to see or talk to me.

“A letter from the Kajang Municipal Council (MPKJ) had stated that residents cannot be forced to participate in a guarded scheme, and my landed property is individually titled and not stratified.”

He wondered if the RA  had the authority to impose its rules and conditions on non-members.


MPKJ has ordered the RA to disassemble the automatic gate as the council did not approve the gated and guarded scheme of the housing area.

This was informed by Chandran, who said he had received a letter from the council, stating that the scheme was rejected by the council on June 8.

“It was rejected because Taman Segar Perdana is a linked to Royale Cheras, where both housing areas use Jalan SP7 as the main road to and from the housing areas.

“The council said that if the RA failed to disassemble the gate within the time given, it would take action.”

However, Chandran said, the association did not heed the council’s warnings and was installing an automatic boom gate to the housing area.

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