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MELAKA: Motorists plying Jalan Tun Mamat in Melaka have to be extra cautious as the road is riddled with potholes.

They say it takes only a momentary lapse of concentration to hit a pothole.

Motorist Paul Amos, 28, said it was more dangerous and unsafe during the rainy season and at night as it was difficult to see the potholes.

He said he used the road daily to travel to work and that it was stressful to drive when it rained.

“The potholes would be filled with water and sometimes we cannot see them until it is too late.”

Amos said he almost collided with another vehicle a few days ago when he tried to avoid a pothole during a downpour.

A resident who lives nearby said he nearly crashed his motorcycle several times when he swerved to avoid the potholes.

“The road is pockmarked with potholes of various sizes.

“Every time I travel home from work in the evening, I have to be extra careful on that stretch.

“I hope the authorities will repair the road before any untoward incident happens.”


State Housing, Local Government and Environment Committee chairman Datuk Ismail Othman said on Friday that the Melaka Historical City Council was aware of the problem.

He said the workers had used cold asphalt to repair the potholes and other damaged spots on the road.

He also said the council would continue carrying out repair work and resolve the pothole problem.

Checks by Actionline yesterday showed that the council had patched all the potholes along the route.

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